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As a business agility expert and advocate for transgender inclusion,
I am passionate about helping organizations create a culture of growth and inclusivity.
My keynotes are about how to implement agile practices and
foster an environment of understanding for trans and non-binary people.

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Transgender Inclusion

This keynote program will explore the importance of creating an inclusive environment for transgender and non-binary individuals, emphasizing the need to create safe and supportive spaces for all.

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Business Agility

This keynote program will show you how to unlock greater agility in your business and drive lasting success. Learn how to identify opportunities, create an open culture of innovation, and make agile processes work for you.

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    Transgender Inclusion

    This keynote is an exploration of transgender inclusion in the workplace.

    I discuss the challenges and opportunities that transgender people face in the workplace, such as challenges related to discrimination and exclusion, lack of legal protection, and lack of visibility. I give insights into how to create a more inclusive workplace culture, with strategies such as establishing clear policies, providing education and training, and creating a supportive environment.

    Additionally, I talk about how companies can benefit from creating an inclusive workplace, such as increased productivity, improved morale, and a larger talent pool.

    Finally, this keynote offers advice on how to become a better ally, and how to ensure that transgender people have access to a safe and equitable workplace.

    By the end of this keynote, attendees will have a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities for transgender inclusion in the workplace, and the steps they can take to create a more inclusive work environment.

    Business Agility

    This keynote explores the concept of business agility and agile transformation and offers practical insights on how to apply them in today’s ever-changing business environment.

    Drawing on my experience as an agile transformation manager, I discuss the importance of agility, how it can be implemented, and the benefits that organizations can gain from it.

    Through the use of case studies and examples, this session provides a comprehensive overview of the tools and techniques needed to successfully implement an agile transformation strategy. Additionally, I discuss the challenges of agile transformation and how to overcome them.

    By the end of the keynote, attendees will have a better understanding of the concepts of business agility and agile transformation and how to apply them in their own organization.

    Bennett T. W.

    HR Professional | LGBTQ+ & Mental Health Advocate

    “You are the most inspirational woman I know.
    I believe with your openness, kindness, strength and agility you are an inspiration to many. You absolutely rock!

    Michael C.

    IT Consultant | Project Manager

    “Julia for me is:
    That person who inspires those of us
    who see her getting stronger and stronger!!!”

    Sharon B.

    Human Resources Manager

    “I recently attended Julia’s keynote on transgender inclusion in the workplace. Julia’s presentation was impactful and inspiring. She provided practical tools and advice on how to create an inclusive workplace culture, and I was able to immediately apply what I learned in my workplace.
    I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Julia’s keynote, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to bring more inclusion into their HR initiatives.”

    Dan L.

    R&D Manager

    “Julia was the perfect choice of keynote speaker for our agile transformation project in our company.
    She was able to explain complex concepts in a way that everyone in the organisation could relate to.
    Her enthusiasm and energy was infectious and she was able to motivate everyone to embrace the changes we needed to make. We would highly recommend Julia for any organisation looking to make the switch to agile!”

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    Julia's Profilbild

    Julia Kalder

    Keynote Speaker.
    Agilist at heart. Activist for a better world.

    I am deeply committed to agile and inclusive working culture and living!
    Having had my male-to-female transition beginning of the 2020’s and
    professionally coming from an area of IT consultancy and project managment,
    I got infected with the agile mindset quite early.

    Today, I describe myself as an ambassador for business and life agility
    and an activist for LGBTIQ* topics.